Early departure time from the hotel and transfer to the port to embark on a  speed launch heading for the Saintes Archipelago, 15 km to the south of  Guadeloupe. After the journey, you will land in Terre de Haut which offers you  one of the most beautiful bay in the world.

Then you will take a minibus to the Napoléon Fort, perched upon a 114 meter high  hill. There, you will visit the Saintes history museum and its gardens. You will  stroll along a variety of cactacea. Be aware of little noises ! There must be an  iguana waiting under the vegetation ! The fortifications hight offers also  impressive views on the village, the bay and the other islands.

You will have the opportunity to bathe on a beach bordered with palm trees,  before having a Saintes’ lunch next to the sea.

In the afternoon, you will have time to rest and discover by yourself the  picturesque streets of Terre de Haut. You will be able to shop or just spend time  in the art galeries before getting back on board by the end of the afternoon.