Marie Galante l'île aux cent moulins

Early departure time from the hotel and transfer to the port to embark on a  speed launch heading for Marie Galante Island. Marie Galante is the name of a  Christopher Columbus boat with whom he discovered the island in 1493. It is also  called the « 100 windmills island » and its the biggest dependency of Guadeloupe.

After landing, you will discover Saint Louis de Marie Galante and its beautiful  lagoon. The village lives peacefully at the fishing and sailing rhythm.   The island economy is mainly based on sugar cane industry. You will visit the most  famous Marie Galante’s distillery before going to the sampling house. If punch  and rum are served with a smile, be careful because the rum is 59 ° there !!!

Then, you will stop in a sirup craft fabric for another sampling. The condensed  juice cane is excellent for bananas flambé.   You will stop at « Gueule Grand Gouffre », where you have a wonderful point of  view over this geological curiosity. You will pass by the Moulin du Bézard (a  windmill used to grind the sugar cane until 1956).

Plage de Capesterre à Marie GalanteThen we will drive you to a typical restaurant to discover Marie Galante’s  culinary specialities.   In the afternoon, you will appreciate a bath on one of the numerus white sand  beach of the island. You will get back on bord by the end of the afternoon and  back to the hotel.