Port du Moule

A beautiful introduction in the discovery of Guadeloupe inhabitants’ life and  an unique occasion to know their heritage, their traditions and to enjoy some of  the best gastronomic specialities of Grande Terre.

During this tour, you will discover a particular topography through the Grands  Fonds Road, a succession of valleys and hills, getting to Morne à l’Eau. This rural  village in the middle of Grande Terre is renowned for its picturesque Cemetery  perched on a hill. The black and white earthenware tombs look like a giant  chessboard.

Then, you will go to meet Morne à l’Eau inhabitants and their “PITT” ! Cock fights  are an integral part of their life : discovery of this atmosphere through real  fights (demonstration) as well as the customs, the objects and the suits of this  tradition.

After a small refreshment offered by the house, you will go on your escapade in  the direction of Le Moule for an unusual place where everything is dedicated to  one passion : mangrove swamp crabs. After this visit, you will know everything  about the Fritz and Rosy’s story and, for sure, everything about crabs (its  metamorphosis, its reproduction, its celebration which is organised by Morne à  l’Eau every Easter.

carte_guadeloupe3Beyond its anecdotal nature, this breeding is the only Crab House in the West  Indies and it isa great example of the agricultural diversification. To become,  even more, imbued with the importance of crab in Guadeloupe, you will enjoy a rich  lunch based on crab cooking, with unexpected dishes such as crab yoghourt and  the ice cream !

Return in the afternoon.


These tours include :

* Lunch (for the full day excursions) is a full menu (Entrée, main course, dessert) and drinks (Local apéritif , 1⁄4 wine, mineral water, coffee)

* Transfers and tours by bus

* A tourist guide

* Admission fees payable.