The tour begins, on the island of Basse Terre, by visiting a 5 hectares nature and  zoological garden which is the kingdom of exotic birds. During this 1h30 walk, you  will discover more than 300 tropical and medicinal plants.

Then, lets get to the sumptuous tropical rainforest in southern Basse Terre.  Contrast is amazing ! You will get into the 7  originally opened up with a machete, will lead you through an intense vegetation to  the Carbet Waterfalls (110 meter high). The 2nd waterfall can be reach in 1 hour  walk (return included) by an easy path. Also amazing is the hot water spring (60°C  and the steam coming out.

After sampling an home made punch, you will have a lunch full of gustative  surprises. You will taste the banana in every dish.

carte_guadeloupe1During digestive time, you will have time to walk around surrounded by an  impressive diversity of spices, medicinal plants and fruit trees. You will taste  seasonal fruits. hen you will discover a splendid tropical garden with more then  35 varieties of bananas. Will you remember all their name ? We will help you  distinguishing them during a tractor-drawn cart tour in a banana plantation. You  will know everything about its farming, harvesting, conditioning and exportation.

Nota Bene : Allow walking shoes and rain coat.