Allée Dumanoir

excursion GuadeloupeLeaving Grande Terre to take the bridge over the “Salted river” and discover the  butterfly’s 2nd wing and its luxuriant vegetation. You will ride along the Atlantic  coast between ocean and banana plantations. You will stop in front of a colorful  temple, the most important Hindoo cult place of Guadeloupe.

After, you will visit a Kassaverie : transformation place of the manioc root into  flour. Among others, the flour is used to make « kassave », a little round manioc  sandwich filled with crystallized coco nuts. Around the huge cauldrons, lit by the  fire, you will see the fabrication of those elastic cakes.

By a winding road, at the bottom of the volcano « La Soufrière », you will reach  the tropical forest and penetrate in the 7th French National Park.   A path, originally opened up with a machete, will lead you through an intense  vegetation to the Carbet Waterfalls (110 meter high). The 2nd waterfall can be  reach in 1 hour walk (return included) by an easy path.

Then, you will pass by the sumptuous Dumanoir Alley, a majestic line of royal palm  trees.

After an exotic lunch in a West Indian house, you will stop in a banana plantation  to know everything about this fruit delightfully guadelupian.

Nota Bene : Allow walking shoes and rain coat.

carte_guadeloupe1Extra : Discovery of Basse Terre, the guadelupian capital city. Break for shopping  at the market. Sampling of fruits and punch.