Le Moule

Departure heading toward le Moule city, where you will rush into the countryside  by taking secondary ways. The city has had its hour of glory in the XIXth century,  mainly with its intense sugar activity. In the heart of Grande Terre, you will visit  the Damoiseau distillery, one of the most important rum distilleries still in  service in Guadeloupe. In this vast and antique property, you will stroll along and  follow the rum line production, from the sugar cane weighting to the packaging.  On the house, a completely restored windmill will catch you attention, it was used  to crush the sugar cane.

excursion route du rhum en GuadeloupeAfter the visit, you will lean on the Rum Hut counter to  sample home made specialities ! Then, in order to assimilate slowly, you will enjoy a  oxencart journey.   Then you will follows the tours in direction of « Pointe des Châteaux ». You got  to the end of the world !

On one side, admire the power of the Atlantic Ocean and  on the other side, appreciate the peace of the Caribbean Sea. You are on the  oriental extremity of the island, where turrets islands have been sculptured by  the sea. On top of the Calvary you have a great overview on the archipelago  islands. It is possible to taste local coconut sherbets. Manufacturing and sale of  coconut leaves hat.   Return at midday.

carte_guadeloupe3Extra: Lunch on the beach. Grills or spiny lobster grilled on the beach with  West Indian music that will carry you along. It is also possible to plan in addition  a folk group. With this option, return in the middle of the afternoon.