Pointe de la Grande Vigie

Leaving early in the afternoon in the direction of Northern Grande Terre. You will take the Grands Fonds road, between sugar cane fields and old windmills, to  reach the the ripped coast called Pointe de la Grande Vigie.This natural  boundery between the Atlantic Ocean to the right and the Caribbean Sea to the  left offers wonderful views. You will discover the Hell Doors.Port-Louis


carte_guadeloupe3Then you will stop in Port-Louis, a fishermen village opened on the « Grand Cul de  Sac Marin ». There you will see the fishermen landing with their « saintoises »  (Guadelupian boat) and enjoy a wonderful West Indian Sunset.  Return in the early evening.

Extra : Creole evening in Port Louis (Folk dances and and initiation into former  games and traditions)